Communicating with your Spirit Baby with Vanessa Gillis-Phelps of Queer Fertility

Communicating with your spirit babyI think I mentioned it on the podcast about 12 times, but there’s something about Vanessa Gillis-Phelps’ energy that just gets me.

Vanessa and I worked closely together last year as colleagues and she is particularly well-known for her work in supporting LTBGQ+ couples navigating the fertility world, but her secret superpower actually lies in manifestation and communicating with your spirit baby.

Full disclosure – I’ve been in the ‘fertility world’ for nearly 10 years now (we started trying to conceive exactly 10 years ago!) but up until this interview, I didn’t really know what the term Spirit Baby meant (turns out… I had been communicating with my Spirit Baby during my journey too – I just used different terminology).

On today’s podcast, Vanessa shares some of the big myths about manifestation, a more realistic view of how we can include it as part of our fertility toolkit and how it can help us to feel better.

I loved chatting with Vanessa and I know you’ll love it too.

You can find her on Instagram or visit her website and she also has a thriving Facebook Group for LGBTQ+ couples which you can find here.


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