Debunking extreme fertility diets with Stefanie Valakas from The Dietologist

Keto, Autoimmune Protocol, Vegan, even the Carnivore diet are all diets that in some capacity have been said to be magical fertility diets… but are they?

Today on the podcast, it is my pleasure to welcome Stefanie Valakas from The Dietologist. We talk about what happens when we restrict large food groups (especially vegetables) from our diets and what that might mean for our fertility, gut health and also our dietary requirements.

We also talk about the role fibre plays in our diets.WHY sometimes we don’t feel great on gluten and dairy (and why sometimes it feels crappy when we reintroduce those foods) and why sometimes we get worse before we get better, as well as the top supplement mistakes Stefanie sees in her practice.

Join us for this jam-packed podcast on debunking extreme fertility diets!

About Stefanie

Stefanie Valakas is an expert fertility dietitian & nutritionist and founder of The Dietologist. Stefanie and her virtual practice are dedicated to excellence in nutrition for reproductive health concerns, fertility & pregnancy. Her passion for nutrition in this space has truly grown from her experience helping her clients online from around the world and also through her own personal experiences of navigating a diagnosis of endometriosis. You can learn about how you can work with Stefanie and The Dietologist team below:


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Debunking extreme fertility diets

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