Diet or Stress? Which first?

Diet or stress trying to conceiveWhich is better and which should you focus on first? Diet or stress when trying to conceive.

On today’s podcast, I talk about my own journey and my learnings as I have navigated infertility, loss and trying to conceive, and then go on train as a Life Coach and Mind Body Practitioner. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to support them and learn from them as they navigate their own journeys.

On this podcast I talk about:

  • What I used to think was the most important thing you could focus on.
  • How my clients changed what I thought.
  • Why focusing on the right area first can give you false results.
  • How to get everything working together in the right way to make it feel like it’s all flowing (instead of feeling like you’re rolling sh*t uphill).
  • The questions to ask yourself when embarking on making dietary changes (and other physical changes) whilst trying to conceive.

Are you feeling battered and bruised by infertility, loss or trying to conceive... or that crying on the bathroom floor is becoming a more frequent experience?

Maybe you're feeling completely isolated, stuck and dreading every month?

Or maybe you're just feeling like you're not showing up to life as your best and healthiest self and looking for some better coping skills.

Watch my free training to help you go from worn out to warrior - I'll teach you the 3 essential steps to go from exhausted by trying to conceive - to feeling empowered, confident and calm.

Watch my free training here.

And even if you aren't 100% sure how you're coping.... this free training could be a game changer. >> Click here <<

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