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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Infertility

I’m so pleased to welcome my fellow fertility podcast friend, Michelle Oravitz to the podcast to talk about a concept I love: effortless effort or Wu Wei. Michelle joins me on the podcast to talk about all things Traditional Chinese Medicine and we talk about how she came to be in this field, what her past life looked like and how we can make our fertility journey easier on ourselves.


The more I learn about both Western New Age concepts and Chinese Concepts, the more I learn that there are synergies between them, but sometimes different ways of expressing them.


For example, yin and yan aligns with the concept of feminine and masculine energy.


I also often use the analogy of a leaf in a stream and the leaf at the bottom of the waterfall that is bobbing up and down. Generally struggling but staying ultimately still in the water, not moving forward. In contrast, a leaf floating down the stream and going more with the flow of the water, but just how easy and effortless it looks.


This is the same type of concepts we discuss on the podcast with Michelle – tune in and listen to the episode and let me know what you think!


Michelle Oravitz L.Ac, FABORM is an acupuncturist, ayurvedic practitioner, and certified hypnotherapist specializing in fertility health.  Michelle found inspiration to change her career from architecture to acupuncture after having her own reproductive imbalances resolved by her acupuncturist.  Her method of treatment encompasses not only herbs and acupuncture, but also incorporates diet, supplements, essential oils, and most importantly the mind and how it influences conception.  She helps women and couples both online and in person, and is the host of The Wholesome Fertility podcast.   




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