Everything we weren’t told about pelvic health with Kath Baquie

It was my absolute pleasure to welcome Kath Baquie from Fitnest Mama to the Podcast today to talk about prenatal pelvic floor health and all of the things we should have been told (but weren’t at school) that can provide us with insight into our health and wellbeing before or whilst we’re trying to conceive.

As I share in the podcast I have my own journey with pelvic health – which actually started with Bec, one of my clients who picked it right away when I felt like doctors weren’t listening to what was going on with me.

And prior to that I never even knew much about pelvic health or even what a women’s specialist pelvic health physio was (hint: very different from the people who strap up sweaty football players).

Kath is both a women’s health physio and a pilates teacher and she supports women through prenatal health, pregnancy and post-partum with holistic fitness and wellness.

Pelvic FloorShe chatted with us about:

What a women’s health physio really is

What pelvic floor health looks like

Some signs and symptoms that something may be going on for us before we get pregnant

How we can prioritise our pelvic health prior to becoming pregnant

It was a pleasure welcoming Kath to the Podcast. You can find her here:

Katherine Baquie, is a proud mama of 3, perinatal physiotherapist and podcast host. She has over 16 years of professional experience guiding mamas through their pregnancy fitness journeys and postnatal rehab, and she specialises in pelvic floor rehabilitation. With these credentials, it’s not hard to see why mamas are flocking to Kath for pre and postnatal fitness help!


Listen here.


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