Fertility Diet Myths Busted

Today on the podcast, I’ve welcomed the amazing Jo Atkinson from Whole Family Wellness where we bust some of the fertility diet myths out there. These are fertility diet myths that I hear in our Facebook group and other communities all the time, and sometimes I cringe.

BUT, I also know that there are certain things (like foods) that I spruik, knowing that there is a little bit more to it than that, so I decided to bring in the big guns!

Jo is a university-qualified nutritionist and really knows her stuff.

We talk about :

  • the Keto Diet (and her recommended alternative)
  • Whether or not there is such a thing as THE fertility diet
  • What foods we need to cut out to optimise our fertility
  • What gut health means and how we can go about improving it
  • What a nutritionist does exactly and how they can help people on their fertility journey
  • What supplements we should take for fertility

Some of our answers might surprise you!

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SO many people ask me after my expert interviews where I can hook people up with my experts – Jo is based here in Perth, but the great news is that she does Skype appointments so really, you can be anywhere across the globe! Click here to visit her website.

Fertility Diet Myths Busted


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