From the Archives: First Fertility Clinic Appointment – What to Expect

We’re taking a trip down memory lane today on the podcast because we STILL see this question all the time in our Fertility Warriors Support and Chat Group.

You’re about to head to a fertility clinic–what should you expect? Will you be bundled straight into IVF? What kind of tests might they run? Well, the short answer is that they ask you a tonne of questions and send you for a tonne of tests.

I break it all down in this episode, along with some excellent tips for how you can get the most out of your appointment.

The first appointment is all about starting to investigate what could be wrong. For some, who already know they have some issues, they may move straight to treatment of some sort, but they will usually test both parties, because often it can be more than one factor.

Possible tests include:

  • Tracking cycle
  • STD check
  • Genetic test
  • Sperm test
  • Physical test (for both parties)

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