For anyone who woke up this morning with body confidence issues….

I read a statistic the other day that said that nearly 50% of teenage girls have body confidence issues, and I read a few blogs this week that talked about learning to love our bodies.

It would be complete crap if I said that I loved everything about my body, and that I don’t have days when I look in the mirror and think ‘bleh’. Sure, I don’t weigh 100 kilograms but there are definitely things I’m not so keen on. To give you an idea:

  • I have thick dark hair on my head…. which means I’m basically a gorilla everywhere else
  • My bottom half is nearly two sizes bigger than my top half
  • I have cellulite like it is nobodies business
  • My face is pretty far from looking like Megan Gale’s
  • I have hair like a banshee (thick, does not do what I tell it to…. even if I say please)

But at the end of the day, does any of this really rate on my care factor scale? Not really.

Because I know I’m healthy.

I eat the best things for my body, I make a point of actively enjoying the world, I make the most of what mother nature has given me, and I don’t buy into the b*llshit that is on my Facebook feed everyday.

Let me just recap what I just said, and my advice to you:

  • Eat the best things for your body. Your body is your God Pod. Look after it
  • Make a point of actively enjoying the world – the sun, the flowers, the air, your relationships….
  • Make the most with what mother nature has given you
  • Don’t buy into all the b*llshit on your Facebook feed and in the magazines


Look at this before photo of me:

My Before Shot
My Before Shot

Now look at this after shot of me:


After Shot
After Shot


Now look at this next after shot of me:

My next after shot
My next after shot


Now for the reveal.

There was an entire time lapse of 10 minutes between each shot.

This proves that most of what you see in those photos is an illusion, and if you see a photo of yourself that you don’t like, consider whether it was really your best angle.

Here are the differences between each shot:

In the first shot:

  • I stood close to the camera
  • I wore a bikini top I knew didn’t look that flattering
  • I had my legs tight together, and my arms bunched up to my body

In the second shot

  • I put on some make up
  • I put on a bikini top I knew looked a bit better
  • I put on a bikini bottom that was a size larger and in a darker colour
  • I stood further away
  • I stood on a slight side angle
  • I separated my legs (so there was a gap between them)
  • I took my arms away from the side of my body so they weren’t pushed against my side
  • I put a little bronzer on my top half (would have done the bottom too but I dropped and spilt the bronzer all over the floor…doh!)
  • I put my neck up to try and elongate it
  • I stood tall
  • I sucked in my stomach
  • I acted confident

In the third shot

  • I opened up Photoshop and shaved a little bit of my right side and in between my legs, and on my right arm


This is how you rock what you’ve got, and don’t buy into the b*llshit on Facebook!

If you’re leading a healthy lifestyle, then love your God Pod and don’t sweat the small stuff. Appreciate your body for what it does for you each and every day, and, when you get a photo taken, rock that baby!


Robyn xx