FW 009: 8 great reasons to see a naturopath for fertility

8 great reasons to see a Naturopath for Fertility | Fertility Warriors Podcast by Robyn Birkin of moderndaymissus.com
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There are so many reasons why I recommend seeing a Naturopath for fertility and that is what this podcast focuses on.

At the start of the podcast I mentioned that I’d had a bad experience with another naturopath in the past, and I think that this can certainly be the case. I felt fleeced and like I’d been given bad advice to do these ‘shakes’ (you know the ones!) which these days I can’t bear.

If you’ve had a similar experience though, I recommend giving it another shot. I definitely credit my naturopath with some of the success of my fertility treatments. While I wasn’t able to completely overcome our fertility challenges (although I feel that some out there would), I absolutely believe that a Naturopath can help you get pregnant sooner, and teach you so much about your health and wellbeing in general.

There are so many reasons I think seeing a naturopath is a wonderful idea for fertility, and can be helpful for both those just starting to try for a baby, right up to and especially those who are having fertility challenges.

I’d love to hear what you think below. Are you seeing a naturopath you love? What has your experience been like?

8 great reasons to see a naturopath for fertility


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