Guided Fertility Meditation, Compassion for Others.


Woaaahhh the jealousy and mixed emotions I felt when I was trying to conceive and everyone else around me was getting pregnant.

I’m asked all the time how I coped and I share all of my best strategies within our membership, the Mind Body Fertility Reset, as well as on the podcast, but know this:

1. It is possible to feel mixed emotions.. at the same time. It’s possible to feel so so happy for someone… whilst at the same time grieving what could have been for ourselves. Multiple feelings can co-exist.

2. Jealousy is kind of like desire… but with the subconscious belief that what one person has… is (and will not) be available to us. There’s nothing wrong with desiring something! But… how can we tap more into the belief in ourselves, and the belief that there is still hope.

3. Compassion is a great starting point. So… today, I’m sharing with you a guided meditation for fertility to help increase your compassion for others (especially friends who may have fallen pregnant) and also reflecting that compassion and grace back to yourself.

If you’re trying to conceive it can be so hard to watch others around you get pregnant – this meditation is a great starting point, to not only foster more of that excitement you wish to feel, but moreso – compassion and love for yourself.

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