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What happens after you fall pregnant at the fertility clinic?

I’ve ummed and ahh-ed about whether or not to post this, because there’s a part of me that things that fertility warriors have no interest in what happens if you fall pregnant after fertility treatments.

Who cares, right, because that’s the finish line?

But that’s exactly why I’ve published it, because the second you hear on the other side of the telephone that you are actually pregnant you realise that the marathon still continues… or at least it does in your mind.

There are a million and one different questions now swirling around in your head.

  • Am I going to have a miscarriage?
  • What are the complications?
  • Is this, or that dangerous?
  • When do I get to stop going in for all these blood tests?
  • Are there any complications or increased risks as a result of IVF?
  • Will I still feel this way if I have a second baby?

At least, that’s been my experience.

I encourage you all to listen to this podcast, regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not, as with any luck, this next cycle is YOUR cycle!

As always, sending lots of baby dust.


Robyn xx

What happens at the fertility clinic after you fall pregnant