Hindsight is a Bitch with Monica Cox

Hindsight is a Bitch with Monica CoxToday on the podcast I’ve invited my good friend, Monica from Positive Fertility and the Infertile Diagnosis to the podcast to chat all about hindsight but particularly in the context of her autoimmune disease and IVF success.

After a long 9 years on her conception journey, Monica now has two children. One a result of fertility treatments, and the other a surprise natural bubba. Monica on the podcast talks about why her journey took so long, and also the warning signs that she might have had autoimmune infertility issues, as well as general gut issues, and about the before and after of her wellness journey.

She now works as a Function Medicine Practitioner for women who are suffering with unexplained infertility or autoimmune infertility

I think we can both agree that we worked our butts off to fall pregnant, and also that we credit IVF and our fertility clinics for bringing us our babies, but that the journey to learning all the things took us a while to learn.

So, no regrets, but if we were going to have our times again, armed with the knowledge we have now, what would we have done differently? Let’s dive in.

Key takeaways and Monica’s Tips:

  • Focus on life, don’t stop doing things because of your infertility.
  • Monica changed to an autoimmune/paleo diet.
  • Monica also started listening to health and wellness podcasts to work on a mindset change.
  • Start doing a 5-minute journal every morning.
  • If you’re on a diet and IVF or IUI fails, don’t give up on that diet, keep going and give it time.
  • Give yourself enough time to heal and recuperate after treatments.

 Find Monica at www.mymindfulme.com and Instagram 



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