How to choose a fertility clinic (and specialist!)

Lucy LinesToday on the podcast it’s my absolute pleasure to welcome fellow Aussie, Lucy Lines of Two Lines Fertility in Melbourne Australia. (although ALL of the stuff we chatted about is totally relevant across the globe.
Here are a few highlights from our chat together
Choosing your clinic and Specialist:
  • your fertility clinic is going to play a really important part in how your family grows over the coming months/years, so choosing where to go is a super important step
  • different people respond differently to different people – not everyone is for everyone (in fact, very Rarely is any one person for everyone!) – it’s important to choose someone you like and someone you TRUST
  • think about the clinic FIRST and the individual specialist SECOND. The clinic is where the nurses, counsellors and importantly the LAB are. The nurses and counsellors are really important for your cycle management, but the lab has the greatest influence over your outcome. How the lab deal with the eggs and sperm and grow the embryos has the greatest impact on your outcome and small changes within the lab can make a big difference. The fertility specialist, nurses and counsellors are responsible for managing your treatment, interacting with you and ensuring that the raw materials that are delivered to the lab (the eggs and sperm) are the best they can be.. but the lab does the rest.
There are lots of things to think about when choosing a clinic:
  • location
  • reputation and results
  • clinic policies
choosing a specialist:
  • gender
  • sub-speciality
  • other specialities
  • do they offer add-ons?
  • is this YOUR person? fertility specialists are human – they have good days and bad days, they have particular areas of specialisation, and they have personalities – find one that matches YOU


About Lucy

Over Lucys first 17 years in the fertility industry(12 of those as a clinical embryologist and global customer support embryologist and 5 in GP education) Lucy became increasingly frustrated over the businessaspect that was creeping in to much of the decision making within large IVF companies and the huge gaps that was creating for patients accessing those services.  Making patients feel like a ‘number’ on a conveyer belt of fertility treatment. 

 After a redundancy rather late in a rainbow pregnancy, (at 44 years old) she saw an opportunity to fill those gaps – with education, care, support, guidance and space for women and couples experiencing difficulties with their fertility – totally independent of the big businesses!

 As a fully qualified and experienced embryologist, Lucy now offers her services through Two Lines Fertility – with her website, blog, courses and, of course, her 1:1 support, Lucy now helps women and couples feel empowered, and more importantly EDUCATED and in control of their fertility, whether they are right at the beginning of considering growing their families, or in the depths of IVF treatment.

You can find Lucy @twolinesfertility on Instagram here.

Check out the Two Lines Fertility Website (where Lucy has some awesome workshops, courses and of course, her coaching packages)

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