How to cope with the disappointment of trying to conceive (my 6-step process)

I’m sharing in today’s video my 6 step process for dealing with the disappointment of trying to conceive.


Let’s be real: infertility and trying to conceive is SO hard. I remember my journey like it was yesterday and I had many days of crying on the bathroom floor after taking yet another pregnancy test and wondering whether I would ever, in fact, become a mother.


It wasn’t after my first IVF cycle followed by a miscarriage that I realised that I didn’t have the emotional resilience or tools to deal with the disappointment that came along with my journey of trying to conceive. That rock bottom moment, however, was the moment that I decided that something needed to change and I then embarked on a journey of learning how to cope with infertility, how to foster resilience, and generally develop positive tools and a healthy mindset to give myself the energy I needed to embark on further fertility treatments.


That was years ago and this is now what I teach in my signature program, the Fertility Warrior Intensive.


Tune in to today’s video to help you deal with the stress and disappointment of trying to fall pregnant.