How to find hope when TTC isn’t working

Hope = believing it’s possible + having energy

When you are in your lowest moments, it can feel like you’ve lost hope and the question I’m always asked is, “How can I find hope?”

Perhaps you’ve noticed that hope and optimism is more abundant at certain times in your cycle – so around ovulation, but then it feels in the leadup to your period like it’s gone. Or… obviously right after you get your period and you feel like you’re crashing down.

On today’s podcast I’m talking about:

  • Some of the thoughts you may experience when it feels like you’re drowning under the weight of it all
  • What hope really is (and why you do, always have hope – it’s not gone – it’s just hiding)
  • What you should be looking for instead of hope, and what struggling to find hope really is a symptom of
  • What this could be telling you (or not telling you) about what you should do next.

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