How to Increase Your Uterine Lining

Today I’m sharing with you 7 ways that you can easily increase blood flow and regulate your hormones to help increase your uterine lining and get it to about 8mm, which is the optimal thickness.

A uterine lining that is too thin or too thick is not ideal for fertility and implantation, and truth be told, there’s a HEAP of causes as to why your lining might be too thin. If you’re currently at a fertility specialist, and you discover your uterine lining isn’t thick enough, I’d absolutely recommend trying to find out WHY, because sometimes there is no quick fix.

BUT, there can be many other causes that are easy to rectify and that you can improve yourself and that’s what I’m sharing with you today. Here are my best tips to improve your uterine lining, including acupuncture, which is what I used while I was going through fertility treatments.

7 Things You Can Do to Help Increase Your Uterine Lining:

  1. If you’re not sure, check with your doctor. Try and find out why your uterine lining is thin and then go from there. 
  2. Get the blood flowing through exercise (as long as it’s not super stressful), like walking, yoga or pilates. 
  3. Cut down on inflammatory foods like caffeine and move towards a wholefoods diet.
  4. Drink red raspberry tea.
  5. Go to a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and start a process of acupuncture.
  6. Try acupressure massage. Suitable if you’ve done a course of acupuncture and would like to try something different. 
  7. Employ healthy coping mechanisms to manage the stress that you’re under. Use techniques such as mindfulness, yoga and pilates as well as meditation to try and take yourself out of constant fight or flight mode and rewire your neural pathways.


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