Infertility: a male’s perspective with Russell Davis

Russell and I have only just got to know each other this year when I discovered him and was thrilled when he joined us as part of the expert panel at the Feel Better Weekend and for anyone out there who wants to know more about infertility and a male’s perspective and how this journey can (and does) affect our partners, THIS is an episode for you.

Russell shared very openly and honestly what it felt like for him before he and his wife were trying to conceive (believing that they may never conceive), to discovering that there was hope, only to then feel crushed once again when they discovered that they had male factor infertility – and what that felt like for him, as well as how he then started healing his mental health and changing his entire outlook/priority from project baby to project Russell.

There are powerful lessons in this podcast for anyone who is trying to conceive, regardless of what your journey is looking like right now but particularly if you’ve found yourself navigating male factor infertility.

Male factor infertilityEnjoy!

About Russell:

Russell Davis, Fertility Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist, author and speaker, believes too many couples go through fertility treatment unnecessarily and that the success rate of treatment is unnecessarily low because the mind and emotions are not factored in. This is born out of his and his wife’s personal 10-year fertility journey and which led to his work helping hundreds of couples all over the world create their family. 

Here’s where you can find Russell:


Instagram: @fertilemind 

Youtube: Russel Davis

Podcast: The Fertile Mind: your thinking & your fertility

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