Infertility and Cancer

Cancer and Fertility

If you’d asked me about how cancer affects fertility before I’d started my own fertility journey, I’d have looked at you with a blank face. I had no idea, until I became a beacon for infertility and people started opening up to me, of the profound impact cancer can have, not just on a person’s life in general, but on their fertility.

This show is for anyone who has recently been diagnosed and in the fog of their recent news has no idea what they’ve just been put forward to in order to preserve their eggs or sperm, for family members who wish to know more, and for the general public.

Hopefully I’ve answered a few questions about the process of retrieving eggs and my take on the impact of cancer on fertility. You can find more articles and info about me at We also have a support group for fertility warriors – Fertility Warriors Support and Chat Group – anyone going through a rough or unconventional path to baby making is welcome.


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Please comment below if you have any words of wisdom, inspiration, tips or support for people affected by cancer.

Infertility and Cancer