Infertility coping strategies that don’t work (and my beef with R U Ok Day)

At the time of recording this podcast, it was R U Ok day, and each year I watch everyone flock to social media to post little messages about R U Ok… and it irks me for a number of reasons.

  1. Infertility coping strategiesBecause I know, that the majority of people with infertility are NOT ok (and half the world is in lockdown…. Chances are, we’re not ok)
  2. It puts the onus on the US to always be reaching out for help (how about everyone around us looks for signs and symptoms that we’re not ok, and learns what to do when they notice that?!)
  3. When we are existing in a state of heightened stress and anxiety – certain areas of our brain shut down, and one of those is the Brocas Area – the area responsible for speech. That’s why sometimes talk therapy doesn’t work for everyone, and that’s why sometimes it is SO hard for us to put into words the emotional toll of infertility and everything we are going through

In today’s podcast, I also talk about the way in which men and women cope with infertility (and which of those are, and which aren’t actually helpful in decreasing the stress related to infertility).

Listen to the episode below and let me know what you think?

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