Infertility Sadness: It takes 5 days to feel better

The Fertility Warriors PodcastI get asked A LOT either by email or via the DMs on Instagram with warriors who are coping with Infertility Sadness for some guidance on what they can do to feel better.  I love responding to you all, but I struggle with this one because unfortunately, there’s not a quick or simple answer.

Up until now, I’ve always recommended The Fertility Warrior Intensive. I’m so freaking passionate about this program – it’s a 12 week in-depth look at your perspective, self confidence, inner voice, ability to let go and address toxic guilt. SO many life changing things. But…. late last year I sat down and asked myself, what if I could help warriors who were struggling for a quick win against Infertility Sadness?

What would it take for the quickest and easiest way to get you back in the saddle and feeling like you’ve got the energy to get back out there and get back on the saddle? As I kept pushing myself for these things, I eventually landed at 5 days.

5 lessons and 3 quick daily actions to help you feel better on your journey, and I’ve shared them in my new program, Warrior Rising.


Listen here.

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