Infertility tests you might be missing

So today’s episode is dedicated to Teresa, who is a member of The Fertility Warrior Intensive, and although we’ve chatted many times over our monthly Q+A calls and on email, I was shocked when we discovered that there were a number of tests that Teresa’s fertility clinic didn’t run for her.

Today we’re talking about tests you might be missing.

I think this is SO wrong. Maybe your clinic wouldn’t run a particular test first time around, but absolutely after a failed cycle, I’d expect more. And more.

Some of the tests I’ll be mentioning also aren’t readily provided by fertility specialists but if you’re at the end of your tether, I’d probably recommend looking into and in the podcast I share some tips on where to look for those.

I have no doubt that this episode will be super helpful for so many of you, because there is obviously something going on, so I want you to feel empowered and powerful in seeking second opinions and asking for a variety of tests.

Let me just say it a little louder for the people at the back: if you are at a fertility clinic: you are a paying customer.

You can ask whatever questions you like and you have every right to request tests and seek a second opinion before forking out tens of thousands of dollars.

Here is the list of tests:

  • DNA Fragmentation
  • ANA + NKC
  • Thyroid full cell count
  • HSG
  • Food intolerances
  • Parasites

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