Infertility Warning Signs: How To Be Your Own Best Detective

Are you looking for infertility warning signs?  Today I’ve got an interview with someone who can help.  I have a list of people who I’m dying to interview, but Nat Kringoudis was at the top of my mind because she recently brought out a book in Australia called Beautiful You. Nat says that the book is aimed at sort of teenage girls, but when I read it, I was really blown away at how relevant this information was to those on a fertility journey, honestly.

I feel like when we start trying to conceive, it’s like we need to start a square one with learning how our bodies work, learning what happens with ovulation, learning about things like what is normal and what is not normal. I found, in Nat K’s book, a lot of guidance on the things that are not normal. I also found really big focus on how stress can manifest physically in our bodies and how we can overcome that, but I really just love this book because I truly believe that we are our own best detectives. I truly believe that we need to sometimes take a step back, look and listen to what the message is that our body’s telling us, and really start to have the confidence to advocate for what we need when we’re talking with medical professionals, whether that is tests that we want run or tests that we want re-run or our own indications of what we think might not be right.

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Having the knowledge of what’s going on with our bodies enables us to trust our medical professionals better and helps steer the ship a little bit more because you know your body best and that’s what this book is all about. When you really know your body you’ll be able to identify any infertility warning signs you may have.  I really thought it was so relevant when you’re trying to conceive, so I invited Nat to come on for an interview, chat about her book. We talk about all sorts of things in the interview. Have a listen!


Infertility Warning Signs: How To Be Your Own Best Detective | Robyn Birkin | Author, Podcaster, Eternal Optimist
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