Introducing the My Missing Piece Membership

I tried to take a selfie of myself last night hitting the final ‘go live’ button on my new My Missing Piece Membership… But I unexpectedly turned into a blubbering hot mess.

It was a bundle of feelings and experiences all rolled into one.

I remembered just how hard trying to conceive had been for me–it all came flooding back. I felt so lonely and isolated. The lifestyle changes felt overwhelming and insurmountable. There seemed to be a big giant gaping hole between what I was being provided and what I also needed at the time… And eventually went out to find (and I guess now create!) myself.

I thought about how this membership has been in my heart for so long, and the thought and time that has gone into it.

I thought about how still… years later… my partner, my friends, my family still don’t truly get why I pour my heart into infertility when my own struggle has now passed… But that instead of wrestling with my need to still be here and provide service, I have [finally] come to peace with my path and my heart’s desire to help those in my footsteps.

If you need ongoing support.

If you need lifestyle advice.

If you need to know WTF to cook that is dairy AND gluten free for dinner.

If you need a calming and inspiring focus each month.

If you need a TTC BFF, this is it.

I am SO proud to launch this program, and so grateful to those who have jumped in with our Founding Members special.

In case you didn’t know, the My Missing Piece Membership provides you with tools to not only help you cope on this journey, but improve your fertility… and not in a ‘throw out EVERYTHING, drink kale smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner’ kind of way…. this is a small steps, totally do-able approach.

And the skills you’ll learn, your new lifestyle, will continue to benefit you. 

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A weekly meal plan – think of this like a WEEKLY RECIPE BOOK (such great value!) complete with nutritional info and a shopping list… all dairy and gluten free of course… valued at $60 per month
  • A monthly masterclass – together we’ll tackle a range of topics, based on my 8 pillars to fertility success – from going low tox to coping with stress… valued at $49 per month
  • A monthly Q+A – this is your chance for direct access to me, to answer your questions… valued at $49 per month
  • A monthly (beautiful!) affirmation that is ALSO posted to you as a postcard (because actual mail is the bestestest) … valued at $14 per month
  • A monthly meditation that you can download to your phone and listen to anytime… valued at $14 per month
  • An amazing community of like-minded women, all on the same path as you, supporting each other. A true sisterhood.


You’ll also receive a copy of my hugely popular 21 day cleanse, which is valued at $87 and two of my past masterclasses, each valued at $34.

I want this to be a big YES from everyone though, which is why my founding members’ rate is only US $17 per month ($186 value each month plus $155 of bonuses waiting for you when you arrive)–or you could receive a discount by purchasing an annual membership and save even more.

At the end of the month, the price will be going up, but joining during the founding members’ celebration means you get to lock in your membership at that price, for as long as you continue your membership.

Click here to check out the membership and secure your membership at the founding rate.

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My Missing Piece Membership
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