Is 2014 a new beginning for you?

Hi everyone,

Wow, can you believe it has hit 2014 already!

For years now, at the beginning of each year, I’ve written down about five goals for myself. Last year, they included trying to lose a few kilo’s, finally being able to run 5 kilometres without stopping, studying my Japanese more and a few others.

As per usual, I achieved some and didn’t achieve others, but my original goals somewhat pared in example to the journey that I ended up taking.

Two really important things happened in 2013 for me:

  • I became vegan
  • We embarked on fertility treatments, most recently IVF, and came out of the closet about our struggle to our family, friends and… basically the whole world

There is no doubt about it, these things have changed me.

I discovered this passion for learning about nutrition, and finally in my life I feel like I’ve found a diet/ lifestyle that I feel completely comfortable with. I no longer care about counting calories, or cutting carbs or doing high protein or any of that stuff, and although I have rules for what I eat (as in, don’t eat animal products), it is because of a genuine desire and passion to do so and for deeper reasons than vanity.

I feel truly at peace. I’m sure I’ve spoken about it before, but becoming vegan has given me this incredible inner peace. I’m no longer bothered at all about my weight. In fact, it is the last thing on my mind, but moreso, I have this confidence that what I’m doing is good for my body, good for the earth and is kind to animals.

The outcome of starting fertility treatments is that for the first time in my life, I’ve learned that some things are out of our control. I’ve learned to let go. I’ve always just been such a control freak (eldest child, Capricorn….you know how it is), and this experience has forced me to release that grip I’ve always tried to have on everything, and learn that sometimes you have to trust others and just go with the flow.

For this year, I think my goals will be a little different. I think setting goals and resolutions are a great thing. They give you something to work toward, and you can refer back to them every couple of months and remember what you set out to achieve. They give you purpose.

This year for me will be more about reflecting and continuing to grow.

This year, I will only have one goal.

My goal for 2014 is to just be. What’s yours?


Robyn xx

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