Is Your Fertility Clinic Making These 5 Mistakes?

Fertility Clinic MistakesI LOVED my fertility clinic. I still do. After all, without them, I wouldn’t have my two babies.

However, lately I have been called back to the reason I do what I do. To fill a gap that the fertility clinics aren’t providing.

I recently received the following testimonial from a client:

Just wanted to email and say thank you. 

Thank you for taking so much of your time to do what you do. 

Thank you for showing up so regularly to the group and checking in you truly coached me through this. 

Thank you for showing up to the group meet I really loved meeting you. 

Thank you for helping me find me again. 

You are right I had go to the point where I realised I had to change for something to change. I didn’t know where to go for that help but the intensive came at just the right time. It was definitely meant to be. I needed this, I needed to get back to where I was. I can’t believe the transformation. 

I had a follow up appointment with our specialist yesterday and she said you are a different person sitting in front of me in comparison to 9 months ago. This is despite the fact we are sitting there because we had been unsuccessful in our IVF but I truly was ok I could have a rational conversation and make a plan for out frozen transfer and then potentially another IVF round if needed and again I am so ok with this. I know 3 months ago this would have induced panic and desperation over the fact this is taking way longer than I thought but it didn’t. I truly believe my time will come I can visualise my baby and I know I will be an amazing mother. 

I wish that your intensive program was made more available or at least the awareness made at the start of the journey. I am grateful for the program and the lessons I have learned. 

I will always circle back to the course and I definitely will never give up the journalling. 

This is probably too long to use as a testimonial but I am happy for you to use whatever is needed!

Thank you again for using your journey to help others I really appreciate it. 


And another client, wrote to me, after completing the Fertility Warrior Intensive with this comment too:

YES! This program was great for us now, but I wish I would have had it about a year earlier (that’s when things were pretty dark).

And another warrior wrote this:

IVF Clinics need someone like Robyn integrated into their office.

And I actually get a little bit peeved when I hear specialists who tell clients that things like ‘improving egg quality’ isn’t a thing.

If we go back to the basics of health, I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to know that ‘shit in, shit out’. If you are constantly bombarding your body with chemicals and processed food devoid of nutrition, surely it’s common sense that your body will be a hot mess inside.

And… I spent two years trying to conceive before I saw a counsellor…. Who was about 60 years old, and had never experienced infertility. I was emotionally at rock bottom.

I’ve now spent the last eight years LIVING infertility, failing, experiencing the heartache of negative pregnancy tests and miscarriage, as well as reading book after book, taking a variety of courses, and connecting with the nearly 350 practitioners in my Facebook Group, as well as the nearly 3,500 fertility warriors who are also stuck in the sh*tstorm of infertility.

The last eight years I’ve had my ear to the ground with all things infertility, and I’m now more fired up than ever to help women avoid the pitfalls that I did. I want other warriors to fall pregnant sooner than me, to feel calmer, more empowered and confident on their journeys, though both my membership and intensive program.

But… imagine the rise in success rates, the rise in customer service, and the impact generally this would have if just a few tweaks were adopted as standard practice by fertility clinics.

Here are the 5 things I wish fertility clinics would do:

  1. Stop ignoring the impact of diet and environmental toxins on our fertility.
  2. Stop doing the same thing and expect a different result.
  3. Stop ignoring the emotional impact of infertility.
  4. Start using people who have been there before to help provide support to warriors who are currently in the trenches.
  5. Stop being afraid to pause treatment.


Stop only running a few tests and then expecting people to jump into the lottery of IVF.


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