Kate’s story: 3 ectopic pregnancies to 3 kids (and the aha moments in between)

Today on the podcast it’s my pleasure to welcome the lovely Kate Nguy who shares her story of having 3 ectopic pregnancies to go on to have 3 children (and all of the aha moments, shifts and changes she had in between).

Ectopic pregnancy storyKate is the founder of Shee Revival and she is a fertility coach and womb educator – she helps support women to tune into their bodies more authentically and weave education about their cycle into their everyday living, as well as helping them support and promote their fertility, overcome blocks and increase their energy.

She is a qualified yoga teacher with many years of experience as well as a reiki energy healer, womb healer and more. Kate has been a friend for many years and has beautiful energy and outlook as well as lots of qualifications. Kate was also part of the Feel Better Weekend and provided us with both a yoga class and a workshop on how to rewrite your fertility story – and these were two of our most popular sessions.

You can find Kate here:

Website: sheerevival.com

Instagram: @thealignedwomb

Facebook: sacredspacesyoga 

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