Life After Infertility: My Rocky Breastfeeding Journey

Life after Infertility: My Rocky Breastfeeding JourneyTrigger Warning: This episode contains references to life after infertility. I will be talking about my kids and my experience with breastfeeding. Listener discretion is advised.

Welcome to my Life After Infertility Series. I wanted to drop in with a few episodes over the next few months that talk you through the next steps of life after infertility.

My episode that asked if I was traumatised following my experience was one of my most popular to date, and not only that, but I’ve discovered that there are so many of you who are still following me on Instagram and my email list, who have had your little miracle.

That said, will this still be helpful if you’re still on the path to conceiving? ABSOLUTELY and especially so, because I won’t be sharing with you the highlights reel – you’ll be getting the highlights and the REAL of what life is like after that next step. Most importantly, you’ll learn that things aren’t always peachy keen following that BFP but how the mindset work I did WHILST I was trying to conceive, helped me during the next chapter.

As always, the number one thing I want you to keep in mind is that if you’re feeling an unhealthy level of stress and anxiety on your journey, you need help. The biggest pitfall we have is thinking that the moment we get a BFP it will all magically melt away, and the sad reality is that it doesn’t. It’s just filled with a new set of struggles – and in order to be a good parent and happy person – you need to have healthy coping mechanisms. Period.

So, today I’m sharing with you probably one of the toughest moments of my parenting journey – my rocky breastfeeding journey with Olivia. I had some troubles with Chloe too, but Olivia’s struggles really left me quite drained and required me to summons all of my strength and perseverance in order to continue… but we did ultimately thrive.

Check it out.

Key takeaways:

  • Wherever you are in your journey, set mini goals to make it to the next milestone.
  • If you need to change the people that you see and find someone that’s more aligned with your values, do it!
  • If you’re struggling, get help then get more help! Don’t ever hesitate.


Listen here.


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