Meet Modern Day Mama and Blogger, Bec M

Funny thing about me – I’m a REAL person. Like, actually a real person who reads every comment and gets excited when someone tries one of my recipes or replies to an email. That’s the kind of stuff that makes my heart sing!

Bec has been a follower in this sweet space for little while now, and Bec gets it. There’s a two way dialogue between us and I follow her on Facebook and Instagram and love seeing what she is up to, and how her babe is, and I’m SO thrilled to introduce her to you as a Modern Day Missus, a mama and blogger from the tribe.

Rebecca (Bec) is the lady behind Naturally Nourished Mum and she is also from Perth. Here’s what’s going on in her kitchen and her home:


Describe your eating/life style in one sentence: As a family, we generally try to eat food in it’s natural state with the weekly treat of something out and about.
Main reason for choosing this lifestyle: It’s what makes me and my family feel happy and healthy
Number one lesson learnt since embarking on this lifestyle: Preparation is key and it’s so worth it when you feel amazing because of the great food you’re eating. Making extra of a meal to have on hand as leftovers, and chopping up some veggies early in the week to snack on can be a real lifesaver when you’re busy and always on the run.
Typical breakfast: Toast with avo or tomato with pumpkin or sunflower seeds/baked beans. I love topping toast with everything from the above mentioned to cooked veggies. I also love a good smoothie, home-made muesli or porridge during the week and definitely pancakes or something indulgent on weekends!
Typical lunch: Leftovers or a sandwich or I’ll make some pasta with veggies. Kaylee, my 18 month old daughter, doesn’t really eat sandwiches so I find I have a proper meal most days.
Typical dinner: Lentil bolognaise is big in our house. As well as pasta bakes and anything that can be taken for my hubby for lunch the next day really. There’s usually always a salad on the side. We love vegetarian burritos/enchiladas too. Sometimes its burgers and Friday night is homemade pizza night!
I can’t live without…. Veggies and water!! If I’m feeling a bit worse for wear, it’s usually because my veggie and water intake has been low.
The movie I think everyone should watch is: ‘Hungry for Change’, this documentary was a big eye opener for me and I still watch it nowadays as a refresher sometimes. It’s about how making simple changes to your life and diet can make a huge impact!
The book that changed my life is: You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay
Favourite recipe book: There are quite a few that I love. A vegan one that I love though is ‘Crazy Sexy Kitchen’ by Kris Carr. I’m looking at getting ‘Thug Kitchen’ soon too.
Do you exercise? (if so, how often and what type) I do mini workouts at home. Sometimes its intervals of squats and push ups or another kind of strength workout. I like to challenge myself sometimes and time how long I can do a plank and count squats. It’s a bit of a competition with myself to see if I can beat my previous time. I also love doing yoga/pilates, walking, and when I get the chance, swimming is awesome!
Three blogs you recommend: Obviously MDM, I also love ‘Oh She Glows’, ‘Thug Kitchen’ & ‘Emily Ehlers’ Not a recipe one but there’s great blog posts about life in general, she has a beautiful way with words that make me laugh and always leaves me feeling inspired.
Number one lesson learnt since you started blogging: It takes hard work and dedication. But I love that I’m constantly learning something new and challenging my mind and getting creative in a technical way. I love it.
On the weekend, where will we find you? Either at home getting ready for the week ahead or with family. If its been a good week you’ll find us at the park or the beach but it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like
If you could have dinner with one person (dead, alive, real or not real), who would it be? My mums parents (I know that’s two but its kind of the same). My Nonna (grandma) died two months before I was born and I was about two when my Nonno died so I didn’t really get to know them and I’d give anything to have a meal with them and hear their stories and for them to meet my hubby and little girl (I know that’s corny but it’s honest).
Favourite quote: Again, there’s lots, but probably ‘whatever is meant to be will be’. It’s something I’m always telling myself when I worry about things I have no control over. It tends to calm me down when anxiety hits.

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