My Reproductive Immunology Journey: Advocating for yourself to get results

When you don’t get the answers you’re searching for, and have experienced repeat loss, it’s really important to have the strength to get second opinions, change specialists and seek further answers.

Seriously, if you’ve had multiple failed results or multiple losses, I urge you to dive deeper into your immune system and seek further testing to rule out whether anything is going on in your body.

This week on the podcast I was joined by Ariel Spiegel of CoFertility, a site that aims to provide fertility warriors with qualified and quick answers to all of their TTC questions, as well as a huge IVF grant database.

There is so much to be learnt from Ariel’s journey and I truly hope you’re inspired by her determination to maximise her chances of success, and her confidence in seeking answers.

Tune into this episode above to listen to her story or find the Fertility Warriors on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast app.

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