Navigating Surrogacy and pivoting on your journey with Jennifer Robertson

In this deeply personal and relatable story, I welcome Jennifer Robertson to the podcast this week – who gets open and honest with us about her journey of navigating surrogacy and feeling like she constantly needed to pivot on her journey to conceive – and what the emotional hurdles were to getting there.

Navigating surrogacyJennifer is a Fertility Coach and now… mum of two who was a Type A ‘get shit done’ personality whose life was consumed for seven years by trying to conceive. Her journey included IVF, surrogacy, heartbreaking miscarriages and a surprise natural pregnancy. She lives on the Gold Coast in Australia (a fellow Aussie!) with her two little miracles, Luca and Sophie. 

Tune in to hear more about Jen’s story, and you can learn more here:


Instagram: @msjenniferrobertson

YouTube: Jennifer Robertson 


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