New House, New Veggie Patch

So…. we’ve moved. Finally. Now I can get back to having a life without worrying about cleaning the house for home opens or packing.

Moving was a nightmare. To give you an idea in two bullet points of what the experience may have been like:

  • We pulled up with our truck at 12.15pm (legally people are meant to be out by 12.00pm) and they hadn’t moved all their things out yet… in fact, half their furniture was there!
  • The house was gross and not cleaned… at least not to my standard. There was a massive dead cockroach in the middle of the lounge room.

But, we’re in now and I really do love the house. It just has such a cool layout and everything (in my opinion) is a good size (not too big, not too small). The house is livable  although Ross and I are pretty much going to renovate EHVAHREETHING as we go along.

First things first though. The Veggie Patch. I don’t know what to do without at least parsley and basil in the garden!

So, once the heatwave was more or less over, I went out and bought a whole bunch of stuff. I bought:

  • cherry tomatoes
  • sage
  • marjoram
  • basil ( both purple and green)
  • chilli
  • cos lettuce
  • oregano

The parsley at the shops didn’t look like it was coping too well so I skipped that, and we also had some chives that I transplanted from a pot. It looks like there is also some garlic or onions already growing there.

Veggie patch
The Veggie Patch


While I was at the shops, I bumped into a man who said he used to be a commercial tomato grower (handy) and told me that I should put the tomatoes in a pot first, and then transplant them into the garden once they’re a bit bigger. So, I also did what he said and planted a few things in little pots first.

A few days prior I had put down some dynamic lifter and given the soil a bit of a toss, and put down the mulch (we find the organic sugar cane stuff works well in the veggie garden). Then, when I popped the vegetables in, I made sure I gave them a good water and also put down some snail pellets.

Wish me luck!

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