25 Non Chocolate Bliss Ball Recipes

If you saw part 1 of my nut free bliss ball recipes, you’ll know that I’ve just got a bit out of control lately with what I eat. I used to have a constant stash of bliss balls, filled with delicious and healthy things like chia seeds and tahini… and spirulina, but lately the diet seems to have gone down the toilet.

And I need to get back to it.

So I’ve created a three part email series of bliss ball recipes – this one is non chocolate bliss ball recipes, and the other two are nut free bliss ball recipes and date free bliss ball recipes.

Here’s to creating some healthy habits again! If you have any bliss balls that aren’t chocolate flavoured (i.e. no cacao or cocoa or anything like that, then link ’em in the comments :-))

Non chocolate Bliss Ball Recipes from Robyn at Modern Day Missus

Non-chocolate flavour bliss ball recipes

  1. Cranberry Spirulina Bliss Balls – Modern Day Missus
  2. Healthy Snack Powerballs – Modern Day Missus
  3. Low Fat PB & J Bites – Happy Helper Blog
  4. Zucchini Bread Bites – Healthy Helper 
  5. Blessing Bites – Deb’s Pots
  6. Walnut Coconut Hemp Seed Bites – Delightful Adventures
  7. Lemon Lavender Truffle Bites – Craving Nature
  8. Passionfruit Bliss Balls – Quite Good Food
  9. Pumpkin Pie Balls – The Real Vegan Housewife
  10. Pumpkin Kasha Energy Bites – Vanilla and Bean
  11. Vegan Marzipan Truffles – 2 ways – Lazy Cat Kitchen
  12. Oatmeal Cookie Dough Bites – That Girl Shannon
  13. Protein Packed Energy Bites – Tasting Page
  14. Carrot Cake Superfood Bites – Chronicles of Passion
  15. Aphrodisiac Bliss Balls – Ascension Kitchen
  16. Mojito Energy Balls – Vegan Richa
  17. Chia Peanut Butter Protein Balls – Vegan Family Recipes
  18. Ginger Berry Energy Balls – Fit Mitten Kitchen
  19. Apricot Coconut Balls – My Food Religion
  20. Raw Caramel Macadamia Bliss Balls – Becomingness
  21. Raw Carrot Cake Bliss Balls – Becomingness
  22. Caramel Cookie Bliss Balls – Cosmo Hippy
  23. Lemon, Coconut and Almond Treats – Salus
  24. Easy No Bake Energy Balls – Mamacino
  25. Super Simple Strawberry Bliss Balls – Dom’s Kitchen

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