Help! I’m not falling pregnant! What can I do?

This is for anyone who is thinking Help! I’m not falling pregnant!

Hands down, falling pregnant has been the challenge of my life. Within that space of a few years, those early months of trying alone, with absolutely no idea what was wrong (or if there was even something wrong!) ranked up there with fertility treatments (although IVF and then my miscarriage took the cake) as being incredibly stressful.

I was pretty much in the mindset of ‘whatever it takes’ and I just wanted someone to tell me what I needed to be doing, and I’d do it, without question.

This podcast is for anyone who is in that space. Anyone who is out there in the wilderness trying on their own without luck, or any warriors out there who want to make sure that they’re giving IVF and fertility treatments a red hot go (because you’ve had enough, because IVF is bloody expensive and because you’re just so damn over it).

Today, I’ve invited Gabriela Rosa onto the show. Gabriela is not only a Naturopath who specialises in fertility, but she also has a Masters in Reproductive Medicine and Genetics (among other things). She has been helping women fall pregnant for more than 20 years. Literally, day in, day out, Gabriela is there, working with women, just like you and I, to help them finally fall pregnant.

So, I figure she knows her stuff!

I totally picked her brain on a range of issues from diet, to diet shakes and weight loss, how unique every single person and their requirements are, why there are junkies out there falling pregnant and here we are moving the ends of the earth and it still isn’t happening (grrrr), why just taking an evening primrose supplement may not cut it, and also, how it’s not JUST about diet.

I actually found that last point really interesting.

Here is someone who specialises in this from a health/medical-type perspective, but who is, once again telling us that (my favourite quote by Kris Carr) it’s not just about what we eat and drink, it’s also about how we think. For me, that was the missing link, and I think it’s really like a recipe.

For some of us, falling pregnant is not as easy as bunging some ingredients in a dish and baking it. It’s like baking one of those (infuriating yet delicious, but not so great for fertility) macarons. Those things take effort. You need all the ingredients and you need to do it right. For some of us, that’s what falling pregnant is like, and that’s what we discuss in the podcast.

When I listened back to this podcast in editing, I felt like I discovered so many new pieces of information from Gabriela, and I just find it incredibly enlightening.


Listen here.


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Help! I’m not falling pregnant! What can I do?