November 2015 Love List

November 2015 Love List | Modern Day Missus

I haven’t done a love list in SO long, but I’ve been wanting to do one since Chloe was born! Here’s to aiming to do one each month!

Here are the things I’m loving at the moment:

Instagram: Edibleash

This chick is doing the photography for the second Oh She Glows cookbook and she is blowing me away with her awesome pics!

Etsy Shop: Emma Allard Smith

I love seeing the creations Emma comes up with and the beautiful colour combo’s. Emma, if you come up with a surfboard cushion design, I’m there!

Youtube video: Meet yourself: A user’s guide to building self esteem

Still one of my favourite Ted Talks. I watched it again the other day.

Cafes: Voyage Kitchen in Sorrento

They’re about to launch a vegetarian menu, and they also have a dedicated kids menu, complete with colouring in pic. Rad.

Kid Stuff: Tinybeans App and Sleepy Sounds App

The Tinybeans app lets you upload pics every day and people who are invited get sent a weekly snapshot.

Chloe listens to a nursery rhyme on repeat All. Night. Long (the nursery rhyme version of Hotel California… don’t ask), but this app is awesome. It has some pre-loaded nursery rhymes, white noise and all sorts and you can set it to play all night long or for a predetermined amount of time.

What are you loving at the moment?


Robyn xx

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