Overcoming the loneliness of infertility by finding your tribe

Finding your tribe
Finding your fertility tribe

Today I’m welcomed on the podcast by Kristyn Hodgdon of The Fertility Tribe and we have chatted all about overcoming the loneliness of infertility by finding your tribe and becoming part of a fertility community.

Let’s be real. 

Infertility is SO lonely.

It’s hard when you don’t want to go out like you did because of the costs and lifestyle changes you’re making to fall pregnant, but then also when you do, you feel like you’re either giving a science lesson or answering the Spanish inquisition… or enduring hours-long conversation because your friends are all pregnant or expecting and it feels like you no longer have anything in common with them.

But it also seems absolutely crazy to me that we go into fertility clinics and keep our heads buried into our phones, but are surrounded by other people in the exact same boat as us… but then later feel lonelier than we ever have before.

I do get it though.

Sometimes we can feel utterly terrified that we’ll run into someone who will ‘out’ us.

Whilst we’re in the clinics we’re often running late for work.

Aaannnddd It’s also embarrassing.

Research has shown though that it’s incredibly important for us to find community when we are going through hard times, and in fact, research has also shown that those who have support and are part of a community on their journey have better outcomes too.

So how do we overcome the loneliness of infertility? That’s what we talk about in today’s podcast with Kristyn, who shares her journey, including:

How she came to try to conceive (at a time when none of her friends were).

What some of the pro’s and con’s of therapy were.

What led her on the path she is now on.

Tune in to the episode to find out more.

The Fertility Tribe also has an app that you can go to support you on your journey and find that community.

You can follow The Fertility Tribe on Instagram @thefertilitytribe and visit the website here.



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