PCOS Myths and Misconceptions with Solaine Douglas

I’m sneaking this one into the end of September which is PCOS Awareness Month. I’m joined by Nutritionist Solaine Douglas and we break down the PCOS myths and misconceptions.

PCOS is an increasingly common condition and one that we see frequently affecting women trying to conceive.

On the podcast we talk about:

  • PCOS MythsThe two different types of PCOS and what causes them
  • How our body breaks down insulin
  • How our body responds to stress
  • Common roadblocks in the medical profession
  • Busting common diet myths regarding PCOS
It was my absolute pleasure to welcome Solaine to the podcast.
Solaine is a nutritionist for women who want to create healthy hormones, guts and metabolisms.
Her world revolves around her business baby, fur baby, great food and my home.
Solaine is passionate about helping women to feel empowered about their health, to understand how to eat and create a lifestyle that makes them feel good. We all deserve that.
She studied a Bachelor of Human Nutrition at Griffith University, Australia and is a member of the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA). Her journey with nutrition began many moons ago, back in 2012 and a passion for spreading the real food message ensued.
You can find Solaine on Instagram here, or look further on her website here.

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