PGS Testing and Second Opinions: A lesson in being a badass

PGS Testing, and pushing for a second opinion.

Today on the podcast, I talked to Blair Nelson from Fab Fertility and there were so many valuable pieces of wisdom in this podcast that I struggled with a title, but this week  I’m thrilled to welcome Blair Nelson from Fab Fertility, one of the dear friends I’ve met through the Instagram Infertility community to The Fertility Warriors Podcast.

I’ve had the pleasure of appearing on Blair’s podcast and now it’s my turn to host her and her truly inspiring story.

Are you on the fertility rollercoaster?

I encourage you to tune into Blair’s powerful story of:

  • Not settling for the same old
  • Getting a second opinion
  • Knowing your body
  • What you need to know about AMH test results
  • PGS Testing and translocations
  • How to emotionally cope with infertility
  • The biggest game changers on Blair’s journey

Click on the link above to listen to this powerful podcast episode or jump onto Spotify, Apple Podcasts or your other favourite podcast app. 


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