Oh man, I’m writing to you today with a little bit of a personal email.

My latest podcast eposide is [finally] out – part of that is because it’s been a crazy month getting everything set up.

I’ve had a little bit of a lump in my throat and stalled BIG TIME about whether I was ready to do this. The anniversary of Liv’s birth is coming up, and aside from mentioning it here and there, I haven’t shared her placenta previa birth story yet, and now, while we are getting closer, I’m feeling a little bit teary that I won’t have a baby anymore, and reliving a bit of her disaster birth.

But I’ve pushed on, and here we are with February’s podcast ep, which is kind of a behind the scenes look at my last 12 months, and a glimpse into what is to come.

Drumroll please….

I’m saying goodbye to Modern Day Missus.


I’m not saying goodbye to you.

I’m just moving house.

to robynbirkin.com

Check out the podcast for all the nitty gritty, but having Olivia sparked a bit of a mid-life crisis for me and a huge “what do I want to be when I grow up?” moment.

I’ve been spinning a lot of plates in these parts and not doing a particularly good job of it.

And it’s taken me months to realise that yes, I need to let go and simplify.

So, here I’ve been on a journey to declutter my life!

I’ve resigned from my busy marketing role.

I’ve had more than 15 years experience in business and branding, and I have been freelancing in marketing/blogging/design/website stuff as well, so my plan was to move into that and consult/become a business coach from home.

But there was something holding me back.

And it’s you.

I can’t leave you hanging.

Because infertility sucks.

As you may know, I’ve tested the water twice over the last 6 months.

Once with an ecourse.

I loved the content, but I felt there was a need for more connection and personal support.

And now with a group coaching program.

I’ve spoken now with many of you on the phone or Skype.

Many of you have been in tears.

My own journey has come flooding back to me.

We really do need SO much more emotional support and guidance to get through this sh*t storm, don’t we?

Some of you have found the courage and seen value to invest in yourselves and I feel like this program is great value (the cost of a few nights out, cheaper than a therapist, the brains of experts and the support of a fellow warrior), and that we are going to change lives with this. Truly, I do. 

Some of you aren’t quite there yet, and that’s ok too.

I feel a responsibility to help wake up the world and change this industry.

So, while I will still be doing business coaching on request for amazing wellness businesses, I can’t let go of my obligation/passion/drive to help women overcome the emotional trauma of infertility.

I want to help you find your confidence, tap into the inner strength that is hiding inside, and ultimately get the result you know you deserve.

So, bear with me as we move everything across to our new home and get settled in.


Oh, and Hi, I’m Robyn. A fellow fertility warrior, passionate fertility coach, voice behind the Fertility Warriors Podcast, and the woman who wants to help make this journey a little softer for anyone struggling to conceive.

Speak soon.

Robyn x