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Preparing for Motherhood: What I want you to know

The Fertility Warriors PodcastHave you ever thought that because you’ve been through infertility, you can handle anything? Ya, me too. And many of my clients and followers.

The honest truth is that I can, and I did. And so did they. But infertility can still hit you like a slap in the face, and infertility doesn’t guarantee that you’ll coast through motherhood. In fact, motherhood hit me like a slap in the face and was really, truly, hard in many moments.

I consistently think thank goodness I worked on strategies and rituals to calm my nervous system and generally help me cope with hard sh*t… instead of trying to muddle and power through TTC waiting and willing myself to get pregnant, because I don’t think I’d have coped half as well with some of the pregnancy, birth and motherhood hiccups and hard times I’ve dealt with.

This episode is a MUST listen for anyone who is on the TTC rollercoaster, but also especially for my fertility warriors who have now found themselves expecting or on the other side with a baby that has come earthside.

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