Recurrent loss: what you need to know with Dr Malinda Lee

Recurrent Loss

Today on the podcast I’m chatting with Dr Malinda Lee and grilling her on all the questions you need to know about recurrent loss. Dr Malinda Lee works for Spring Fertility and this area is one of her specialties. Spring Fertility has quite a patient-focused approach and one of their specialities, by the way, is also LGBTQ+ family building. They’re across California, but they also have a clinic in Vancouver, Canada.


So the reason I was so keen to talk about this with Dr Malinda Lee was because it’s something I’m seeing more and more within my program, the Fertility Warrior Intensive. I inevitably get a related question on this once a month, and there are a number of tests and approaches I advocate for, and so we chat about that with Dr Lee and related to that, I feel like this is an area many clinics also get wrong or don’t do enough testing for from the get-go, which in turn, for me, raises questions because it’s such a significant cost to clients, that I feel like the extra effort is worth it to avoid the additional time, heartache and general sh8ttiness of now knowing what is happening.


So tune into The Fertility Warriors Podcast today and see what Dr Malinda has to say. You can also check out my podcast with Molly Nicholls, where we talk about the emotions of recurrent loss and how to survive that.

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