Reframe: feeling like you’re throwing money down the toilet on infertility treatments?

The Fertility Warriors PodcastHave you ever felt terrified through your fertility journey that somewhere along the lines, maybe you’re making the wrong decision? Gaahhhhh I know the feeling.

Or even just in life in general – you’re worried about the investment of time, emotions and finances and that the decision you make might be the wrong one? Well…. Stop.

Because in today’s podcast I want to help empower you to shift your mindset around the decisions that you make that you feel are the best at any given time and to help, if I can, relieve the mental load of always feeling panicked that you’re wasting money. You are NEVER wasting money if it’s a decision that you make with the knowledge and resources you have.

I hope you find this episode refreshing and empowering and I hope it takes you away from the torture of indecision or feeling like you need to outsource your decision making (and therefore diminishing trust in yourself) and helps you move forward with what feels good to YOU.

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