Should I Do IVF?

Should I Do IVF?Yes.

My answer is yes. 

Over the years I’ve had many conversations with Fertility Warriors who have been completely scared of going through with IVF or taking the next step with fertility treatments, preferring to continue to try naturally.

If you haven’t fallen pregnant yet and you’ve been trying for more than one year naturally if you’re under 35, more than six months naturally if you’re over 35, then it’s definitely time  to take the next step in your journey. That means get yourself a referral and get yourself to a fertility clinic–pronto!

If you’re saying, ‘No, I’d prefer to try naturally’, when you go to a fertility clinic, the first step is not IVF. often the first step is not even IUI. the first step is testing, then either more testing or an ovulation induction. Testing may pick up something that may easily be rectified, that may not require IVF, such as a food intolerance for example.

I wanted to dive further into this topic and talk about a few common concerns and questions such as:

What exactly is IVF? 

What does the process look like?

Are there any steps before IVF?

Will I regret undergoing IVF?

When should I consider IVF?

If you’re resisting IVF, you don’t always know what’s going on with your egg or your sperm. It might look good on paper but there also might be a huge issue. For us, when we did our first IVF cycle we discovered that although everything looked good on paper, but for whatever reason we had really low fertilization rates. We needed to go through IVF to find out what was going on. 

I can say from my own experience and probably likely the other women out there, that none of us regret going through with IVF. None of us regret the path that we’d taken.

I can say there are things that I wish that I had done differently, I wish I had a functional medicine practitioner. I wish I had a fertility coach. I wish I got my mind together way earlier than I did, but I don’t regret any of the decisions. Those were the things that brought me my two little girls and they’re perfect! The “how” will all melt away once you achieve that dream.

The earlier you can get in there, the earlier you can get testing, the more you’re saving yourself in the future.


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