Should you quit? The next right step after multiple failed cycles

If you’ve ever had multiple failed cycles and reached a point where you need to figure out what to do next…. And one of those options is ‘should I just quit’ then this podcast is for you.

Multiple failed cyclesI remember well how I felt following our miscarriage. It was following our very first IVF cycle, but it was about our 5th fertility treatment all up and wondering whether I needed to just quit. At the time, I truly didn’t know whether I had the emotional energy to continue and didn’t know if I had the capacity to cope with another failed cycle.

And so I was stuck in this limbo of writing to work out what the next right step for us was.

The next right step turned out to be taking a break (although part of it was because my body needed to heal following our miscarriage too) but in today’s podcast, I talk about LOTS of questions you might want to ask yourself as you move forward and how you might unravel some of the emotions and thoughts you may be having about what to do next.

  • Some of the things I talked about in this podcast are:
  • Why you can never make future decisions based on sunk costs
  • Why it’s ok to pivot (and why sometimes you should)
  • The two things you need to ask yourself and break down in order to troubleshoot and work out your next steps
  • What some of the options are if, like me, the reason why you’re feeling stuck on what to do next is because of emotional exhaustion

I hope you find this episode helpful and please do reach out and let me know if it (or the podcast generally) has helped you in any way.


Listen here.

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