Should you tell others about your infertility?

Today on the podcast we’re talking about whether you should out yourself as trying to conceive and navigating infertility and some of the big mindset work that can go into making that emotional shift.

Because I know that… when we first start trying to conceive, there’s often a picture and scene in our heads of nobody knowing and then having that magical secrecy and a surprise announcement.

Should you tell people about your infertility?But… part of the acceptance of infertility…. Is accepting that our journey to conceive won’t necessarily look like everyone else’s, and then peace comes from finding magic and beauty in our unique and special path.

In this episode I talk about:

Some of the benefits of telling people about your journey

The way I feel is the most helpful way (for all parties) to announce that you’re going through infertility and possibly fertility treatments

What my story of telling people looked like right through to announcing my pregnancy

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