Spring Planting Calendar

Ross and I are in the midst of renovating our house. We moved into this place in December, and we’ve decided this is our forever house. We’re getting there and have done quite a bit.

Currently we’re on the garden, but not the area where the veggie patch will go (I have the perfect place and the best ideas!). I have a veggie patch area at the moment, but it isn’t how I want it to be, and it isn’t very big. Still, I have a lot of herbs growing.

But, when we finish it, this thing is going to be huge, and I can’t wait to plant a whole bunch of veggies.

So, partly because I’m willing Spring to fully arrive in Perth (because the weather has been so gloomy) and partly because I’m willing my new veggie patch to arrive, I’ve created a Spring Planting Guide as a printable.

Spring Planting Calendar Printable | www.moderndaymissus.com
Spring Planting Calendar

Download Spring Planting Calendar

Hope you like it.

Have a great Thursday!

Robyn xx


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