Summer Planting Calendar


Welcome to summer!

Another day, another printable.

Today’s printable is a summer planting calendar, outlining all the herbs and veggies you can plant now.

Summer Planting Calendar - Free Printable
Click on the image to download the PDF

I’m drooling just thinking about all the delicious things that could come out of the garden.

Now is the time, before it gets too hot, to start planting your herbs and veggies, either as seeds or seedlings.

Summer Veggie Patch Planting
Summer Veggie Patch Planting

Here are a few tips too for your veggie patch this summer:

  • Get some seaweed solution and give your plants a drink of this every 2-4 weeks – this will help them get through the hot summer weather without too much stress
  • Get a bit of shadecloth or an old sheet and drape it over the veggies so they don’t get blasted by the hot summer sun
  • Water your plants at dusk. Watering them in the morning (so I’ve heard) is prime snail time so you’ll get them all active with the moisture, during the middle of the day is obviously too hot, but in the evening is juuuussstt right


Anyway, hope your summer is full of loveliness.


Robyn xx

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