Surviving Loss and Stillbirth with Monica Bivas

Surviving Loss and Stillbirth with Monica BivasTrigger Warning: This episode contains references to infant loss and stillbirth. Themes include stillbirth, miscarriage and suicide. Listener discretion is advised.

I felt so called to speak with Monica on the podcast. Monica is a dear friend of mine, and was one of the first people I spoke with when the sh*t hit the fan with Rosco’s accident when I was looking at throwing in the towel with everything, and what I received was pure love and beautiful support in return.

The reason I wanted to speak with Monica, is because I have this vision of her being this wise grandmother… Not that she is old at all–in fact she is very glamorous, and I assure you quite young–but that Monica has moved full circle in her journey and can share with us what life looks like on the other side of the grief (not that there is necessary an ‘other side’… but there is time) trauma and loss of losing a baby.

Losing a baby (no matter what gestation or age) is a burden no mother should have to bare, and I don’t think this episode will be a “comfortable” one to listen to, but I do think that it will be “comforting” and full of love, and show you that life can exist beyond loss, that your baby is and always will be important, and that you can experience happiness.

Monica Bivas is an IVF Coach, Speaker and author of the book The IVF Planner: A Personal Journal to Organize Your Journey Through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with Love and Positivity, published by Balboa Press ( She is a married mother of 2 beautiful IVF Daughters and one stepdaughter. 

Monica helps this beautiful tribe of people going through the IVF process to shift their experience, to think of IVF in a positive light, and ultimately prepare themselves for the wondrous outcome (a beautiful bouncing baby). Her IVF mentoring and coaching, along with fertility resources, like PDF guides, meditation series, fertility crystals and soon new book coming A Gratitude Journal and fertility coloring book collection.

Monica’s articles have been featured in The Huffington Post and Thrive Global, and in the present she is a continuous contributor on this well known publications. Monica’s birth place is the South American country of Colombia, but her hometown is Long Island NY, She is married with her Israeli husband Shai, whom she loves and considers her best friend and unconditional partner. When she is not supporting her fertility tribe, she is a full hands on mom and a must in her life is a weekly date with her hubby doing one of the things she enjoys the most: dancing.


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