The #1 thing women TTC neglect

The #1 thing women TTC neglect.

Since launching the Mind Body Fertility Reset, I’ve had a real and massive shift in the way I think about what I do.

When we launched the platform, it was a very holistic program that incorporated food, sleep, low tox living – and not in a ‘this is your to-do list’ kind of way – more from a ‘here are some ideas and inspiration and resources that will help’ and all of those resources at this stage still exist in the Reset, and it’s also my dream to expand on them BUT… the reason the majority of women trying to conceive have joined the Reset, and the number 1 thing we now offer in the reset… is courses, programs, classes, live coaching, support and community…. For emotional wellness and mental health.

And over the past few months, I’ve become ever so conscious of the messaging both I’ve been using but increasingly conscious of the messaging that is within the wider community – the advertising, the events and more.

Tell me if I’m wrong but…. There’s so so much around – get more fertile, solve your infertility, *this* thing is the missing link, do XYZ, add this thing to your to-do list.

Like…. There’s always this subline of do this thing and it will help you get pregnant’

Disclosure: there is nothing wrong with people and products that help you get pregnant. I have one too, and I think that it’s important for us to know that some of the same things that can help us with our mental state of being (e.g. letting go of perfection) are the SAME things that can help us get pregnant. 

But… I also feel that on some level, that messaging may also be contributing to this feeling of always needing to be doing more, and perhaps not doing enough.

Women TTCAnd the number 1 thing I see women trying to conceive neglect… is themselves.

And there are a few types of people who join the Mind Body Fertility Reset (and all of these reasons are valid and worthy – you can literally join for any reason you like):

The ones who join because they want to leave no stone unturned and if this is going to help their fertility, they want to at least have given it a crack.

Or are like ‘I don’t know what I need, but I know that I need something’

And the ones who are like ‘you know what? I matter. 

I think nothing of spending $150 on supplements, or an acupuncture appointment, or a fertility specialist appointment so if I can afford to spend that on all of this physical stuff. If I can afford (or scrape together) $20,000 for an IVF cycle – I can ABSOLUTELY afford to spend $150 for three months or $600  for an entire year’s worth of support, live coaching, lessons etc etc….. For me. Just for me. Regardless of whether or not this will improve my fertility. Because I matter, my mental health matters, my joy matters, my life matters and I’m worthy of being my own best friend.

So as we begin the year, I want to ask you some questions to journal over to help you set a path, and maybe draw a line in the sand about how you want to move forward on your journey.

  1. Have you put your life and joy on pause in the pursuit of trying to conceive?

  2. Do you ever feel guilty for prioritizing or investing time, energy, and money in yourself?

  3. Do you feel like your mental health and well-being filter into other areas of your life – such as your relationships, your career, your health goals and even your TTC journey?

  4. What would life look like if…. From today… from right now… you decided that YOU were your most important asset and that feeling better and looking after yourself was now your No 1 priority?

And so… over the last few weeks, I have been BUSY.

I’ve been busy chatting with all of the best of the best in the fertility world and NOT in the context of all of the incredible people who help you get pregnant… all of the incredible people who help you feel better. Therapists, life coaches, hypnotherapists, yoga teachers – I’ve collected all of these incredible people together to bring you an event that we’ve called the Feel Better Weekend. 

And… I want to let you know that these people would probably all charge about $200 per hour for their time – and I’ve brought together about 20 incredible folks to share their expertise with you over 3 days – with more than 25 presentations, classes and resources for you – for free.

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