The 5 biggest mistakes I see people make when trying to get pregnant

The Fertility Warriors PodcastToday’s podcast episode is brought to you by my Get Pregnant Pronto Pack – a really cool collection of resources including a workshop on how to Get Pregnant Pronto – how to educate, troubleshoot and optimize your fertility if you are trying to get pregnant – you can learn more at

I first started trying to conceive in 2012 – since that time I’ve had nearly 300 fertility warriors in my Intensive program. I have a group on Facebook with 580 fertility practitioners from across the globe and had thousands of women join our Facebook Group the Fertility Warriors Support and Chat Group – and there’s a few things that I’ve seen over and over again, whether people are trying to conceive naturally or at a fertility clinic, and even IVF veterans.

On the podcast today I share the top 5 mistakes I see fertility warriors making when they’re trying to get pregnant and why those things might not be the best for you in the long run. Let me know what you think!



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