The Baby Shower

I was in my element. My sister-in-law said I could help organise her baby shower, and pretty much gave me free reign to do what I wanted. She is a pretty laid back person, and it was quite an intimate affair so I didn’t want to go over the top (hopefully I didn’t – you’ll have to ask her that), but still make it a nice day for her to remember.

I started off designing three invitations for her to choose from, and then went from there. She chose the elephant design, so I thought we could do jungle animals as a bit of a theme.

They were designed in Photoshop, using fonts and brushes and images that were kindly available on the internet for personal use.

….and from here I think I’ll let the pics talk…


The first invitation
The first invitation


The second baby shower invitation
The second invitation


The third baby shower invitation
The third invitation


Message board for baby shower
Yay, everyone wrote messages


Lolly bar
These days you have to have a lolly bar at a baby shower


Jungle animal cupcakes
I just had to put little jungle animals on the cupcakes


Due date baby shower calendar
Had a little note on the day the baby is meant to be due.


Baby shower guess the due date calendar
I created a calendar around the baby’s due date where guests could guess when the baby is due and what it will weigh


Baby shower calendar
Got dad to sign it before he went out


Message board for baby shower
I got a blank canvas and put mini pegs on it with string, and designed message cards for people to write. We added an ultrasound picture of the baby too.


So, I had a good time, and like putting my creative skills to use outside the workplace for a change. Hope Maxine had a good day too!




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